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History of Royate Hill

Royate Hill Nature Reserve is situated next to Greenbank Cemetery. It was once a railway embankment connecting the Bristol-Mangotsfield line (now the Bristol-Bath cycle path) with Narroways Junction at St. Werburgh's, via a magnificent arched bridge across where Tesco's and the M32 now stand.

In the 1990s Royate Hill was bought by developers hoping to build a large number of flats there. The council would not give planning permission and the site remained derelict and attracted fly-tipping. A notice to tidy up the site was served on the developers. For reasons of their own, they took it as an excuse to completely trashthe area.

They turned up one morning with bulldozers and other heavy equipment and set about destroying all the trees and vegetation that grew there. Foxes and their cubs, badgers and other wildlife fled in terror. Local people were so disturbed at this that they came out and sat in front of the bulldozers to stop them.

The police were called and an injunction to stop the destruction was issued by the council. What followed was years of legal arguments which eventually ended up with the compulsory purchase of the site from the developers and Royate Hill being officially declared a nature reserve.

It is now managed by Avon Wildlife Trust and maintained by local volunteers.


Maintenance work usually takes place on the first Sunday of every month. Nominally from 11am till 1 pm, but you can leave early, or stay later if you wish.

Most of the work consists in keeping access clear and making sure that the rarer wild flowers are not smothered by the brambles and other invasive plants.

It's a good way of getting a bit of exercise while meeting conservation-mined people from the area. Some of the regular volunteers are very knowledgable about wildlife, so you can also learn a lot about nature - ever seen a badger latrine?!

So come along - first Sunday of every month. 11am. Tools provided or bring your own secateurs.


Easton Community Allotment

Situated just off Gordon Road (but a couple of minutes from Greenbank on foot or cycle, via the cycletrack), Easton Community Allotment is a resource for local people who want to do a bit of gardening, eat some home-grown produce and meet nice people.

Workday is Thursday from about 11am till 4pm. Just turn up.

The allotment has been going for a couple of years now and boasts many interesting features - half an Iron Age roundhouse made of wattle and daub- the perfect place to drink tea on rainy days; a compost toilet; an ingenious water-collection system and a luxury worm bin.





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